Turn Hands-On Experience into a
Profitable New Technology

In our 1-hour structured complimentary consultation we will work with you to achieve:

  • Alignment on high-level technical & business milestones.
  • Clarity on what stage of the prototype development or manufacturing journey you’re at and provide you with an objective road map and timeline for your project.
  • Direction on the next steps and provide you with a downloadable workbook based on meeting insights, so you can start taking action today.

As Trusted By

"We have been working closely with Adam and the team at Robotic Systems since July last year. I have found Adam and the team to be incredibly professional, responsive, engaging, collaborative and always working impeccably with their clients to ensure a positive outcome on all projects. Adam not only delivers in an easy going and professional manner, but he also gives back to the community, often being a part of and leading talks for local tech meetups, University talks and lectures as well running local electronic and robot competitions with very generous prizes to help the growth of the local tech community."
Steve Pokrajac Monica Clare
"I highly recommend working with the Robotic Systems team throughout the Fast Track to Viable and Shortcut to Detailed Design has been a very positive experience. We’ve been able to efficiently develop a plan to get to our prototype product and the Robotic Systems team have given us very good collateral to get stakeholder buy in for the following stages of our build. To be able to achieve all of this throughout Covid19 lockdown has been a very positive experience and testament to Robotic System’s professionalism, systems and process."
Dan Farthing BRADKEN

Engineering the Impossible

After working with Robotic Systems, our clients in the agriculture and broad-acre farming industry have:

  • Increased margin on existing products.
  • Increased value of business through patented technology.
  • Commercialised industry changing technology.

The Team Behind the Technology

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