These are our hybrid Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and Terms and Conditions.

Unlike traditional FAQ/T&C documents, we want to be human about things. The following 10 Agreements point to the fact that in business (and life), all we can do is manage our agreements.

These agreements, including payment of your development fees, do not depend on how often you use our services.

It’s expensive to change the goal posts

We operate from the perspective that once an agreement has been made, if someone wants to change the agreement for some reason, then it is they who accept any additional costs or inconvenience incurred as a result.

For example, if we want to move the delivery of your prototype to Egypt, it’s on us to incur any costs and inconvenience involved considering your understanding that this is an Australian development. This is, of course, a two-way street.

Our Promise to you

As you’ve seen in our Brochures, Workshop session and Detailed Design Pack, we’re agreeing to develop a practical prototype of a design that has been agreed upon in the scope of work. When we are creating something new, there will be some backwards and forwards, and clarifications. Our intention is to maintain the highest standard of work and communication that enables you to have the best functioning product that you have envisioned.

What’s ours is ours and what’s yours is yours

Any technical developments during the conception of your prototype that we create/develop, as well the and the final product will be your IP. However the process/framework that we establish of how we developed the product, the design packs, and workbooks will be our IP.

Be a good human

There is no room for rude, insulting or general bad behaviour and anyone being anything other than a good human will be asked to leave the program. This goes for clients (you) as well as our Team.

What if our product ‘doesn’t work’?

Naturally during a creation stage of a new product there will be lots of trial and error and experimenting. Whilst we will always endeavour to keep on track and to the agreed schedule and delivery dates, we will also keep you in communication to the status and progress of the project.

If during the delivery of your product you find something that doesn’t ‘work’, as much as we will work on that problem, it is also your responsibility to communicate to us what the issue is, how it is meant to operate, when it ideally needs to be fixed by. These 3 x things will help us understand the best way to get this rectified.

Notification of changing your project

If there is a change in your project, depending on the nature and complexity of your change, a hybrid/new detailed design pack may be applicable. This would be required if the changes required for the existing project, would categorise it as being a new project.

However any and all changes will require a notification of change, detailed description of change, and timeframe of change required. Any further clarification will be discussed with the team.

Our refund policy

We don’t provide refunds if you’re not ‘the product doesn’t work’ (see Agreement 5)
or because you don’t show up. You will have full access to the team via phone calls, Zoom video calls, and emails, as well as regular updates from the team during the development and production process. A refund will be considered only if we aren’t delivering the product as reasonably agreed to after the detailed design pack. For clarity as to what non-delivery looks like:

  1. What you asked for and what we delivered are dramatically different (for an exaggerated example, you asked us to build you a car and we build a sandwich press instead).
  2. There had been zero communication from Robotic System team members, zero progress and status updates, leading to a dramatically different product than originally described.
  3. If any of our Team don’t keep agreement no.4 (be a good human).
  4. We are a custom designed engineering consultancy. If you decide you simply don’t want or like your product anymore, we are not a retailer where we can put the product back on the shelf and sell it to someone else.

Providing you accept the detailed design pack, a contract will be agreed upon by our 2 companies with a delivery schedule and relevant milestone payments if applicable.

Our hold policy

If stuff happens, such as a project is placed on hold, we need to know as soon as possible. Depending on the nature and scope of the project, we will have some room for negotiation to pause your product development, however we unfortunately
cannot pause it forever.

During the initial negotiation period, there should be a schedule of deliverables agreed upon that will help dictate where the hold/pausing can commence and where the development can begin again.

For example; if deliverable 1 is to be completed during month 1 and 2, and deliverable 2 is to be completed during month 3 and 4, and you request a pause during deliverable 1, we could finish deliverable 1 as efficiently as possible and hold deliverable 2 until an agreed upon time.

Please pay your fees on time

If we’re delivering what we promised and you aren’t making your payments, that’s no fun for us at all, so it’s your responsibility to ensure there are cleared funds available when your payments are due.

All this stuff protects us, and you, from the minority, but we figure it’s better to be clear up front to avoid anything becoming an issue. We’re a small business and prompt payment is appreciated.

We need your commitment

Whilst we strive to do all the agreements from 1 – 9, we also need your commitment to work with us, communicate, attend meetings, contribute to discussions and clarify any information that we may need so we can accurately develop and turn your idea into a profitable product as best as possible. If there is a change in circumstance, for example a health/medical or work reason, Robotic Systems will do what we can to accommodate a transition.

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