Enabling high value tech hardware teams to scale up production and profitability through an on-demand service.

Open book transparent fixed price model for the entire supply chain.
Warranty on parts and completed goods, so every piece of the puzzle is backed and there is a single point of responsibility and contact with a dedicated account manager.
Fast and tangible quality control systems so you know that it is manufactured right.
Local tech development team to help you constantly improve your product and its scalability.

Design Optimisation

Improve on any customer specified design
and pre-production issues.

Visual Training

Complete visual documentation of parts,
assembly videos and quality checkpoints.

Test System Design

Design of a series of tests to be performed prior
to shipping each unit that replicate on-site use.

Production Time Optimisation

Configuration of workstations, parts kits and
production stages for minimum build time.

Sample Production Run

Prove production setup processes
by building a sample run of units.

Production Portal

Online point of contact for
production status, ordering and support.

Supply Chain Creation

Creation of high reliability supply chain that
is best fit to your production schedule.

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