Work for Robotic Systems

Be Pratical. Be Scientific. Create Something New.

Robotic Systems is an engineering consultancy servicing the mining and agricultural industries.

We develop prototype technology that our customers ultimately own and sell.

Our vision is that we must keep humans focused exclusively on solving problems that only a human can. Everything else a machine must do. We are on a mission to create advanced machines that eliminate tasks that take up human time.

Day to day, the team at Robotic Systems solve problems by bringing together hardware, software, and electronics to turn our clients’ practical experience into profitable new machines.

We are growing at an exponential rate and are always on the lookout for passionate, driven people to join our team.

How this Works

Below are links to position descriptions for the key roles at Robotic Systems. If you read one of them and think; THAT’S ME! Then let us know your interest by leaving your name, email, phone number, location and the position you are interested in.

Our hiring process is explained below:

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