Production Technician

About the Role

In this role you will be working in the production team of Robotic Systems. Designs that reach production have been proven functional in their respective field and are ready for mass production and sale.

You will be assembling and testing products for our customers which are sold both nationally and internationally. The type of products we produce are high value, low quantity machines.

Robotic Systems’ production processes are based on modern manufacturing methods. Products are made one unit at a time, with video-based training tools and easy-to-follow tracking and quality checks built into the method.

As our production processes are based on continuous improvement, you will be expected to be involved in refining our production processes.

About You

  • You ensure quality and care go into every task you do.
  • You don’t take shortcuts or cut corners, accepting nothing but your best work.
  • You get a kick out of working with your hands to build and create things.
  • You have a passion for all things in the technology space.
  • You can handle repetition while remaining focused and driven.
  • You are always on the lookout for ways to make things better or easier.
  • You don’t shy away from change and aren’t afraid to adapt to a new approach.
  • You aren’t afraid to ask for help or clarification if you need it.
  • You approach problems with the mentality that they are just a steppingstone towards the solution.
  • You are a stickler for the little things and have a good eye for detail.

Bonus Points

  • You can demonstrate a passion for electronics/hardware/creativity through your hobbies.
  • You can demonstrate skills in soldering and the use of hand tools.
  • You currently hold an Australian driver’s license and have your own vehicle.
  • You currently reside withing commuting distance of Robotic Systems (<1hr).

Task Examples

  • Follow training videos to:
    • Solder cables or electronics
    • Assemble and test electronics and/or mechanical components
    • Install and calibrate of software
  • Create training videos
  • Work with the development team to improve designs and production processes
  • Maintain and clean production work areas
  • Pack orders and organise shipments
  • Inspect and repair stock for warranty purposes
  • Order and manage incoming stock
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