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Electronics Engineer

In this role you will be part of the Robotic Systems prototype development team. Electronics makes up one third of the Robotic Systems development offering alongside Software and Industrial Design.

You will be the bridge between the software world and the hardware world, creating custom circuit boards and electronics designs to ultimately create game changing technology for our customers.

Industrial Designer

In this role you will be part of the Robotic Systems prototype development team.
You will visualise, design and manufacture all mechanical parts and leave your mark on the overall system design.

You will be working closely with both the electronics and software development teams to create synergy between the disciplines and ultimately create game changing solutions for our customers.

Production Technician

In this role you will be working in the production team of Robotic Systems. Designs that reach production have been proven functional in their respective field and are ready for mass production and sale.

You will be assembling and testing products for our customers which are sold both nationally and internationally. The type of products we produce are high value, low quantity machines.

Robotic Systems’ production processes are based on modern manufacturing methods. Products are made one unit at a time, with video-based training tools and easy-to-follow tracking and quality checks built into the method.

Mechatronics Engineer
In this role you will be part of the Robotic Systems prototype development team. You will be responsible for creating prototypes, designing user interfaces, and producing training videos. The ideal candidate would have previous experience working as an engineer or technician in a manufacturing environment, and have experience designing mechanical systems. You will be working on real world projects where you will be responsible for creating innovative products and services that solve real-world challenges.

The position requires strong problem-solving skills, creativity, attention to detail, and the ability to communicate effectively. You will be required to design high level system solutions for customer briefs, write software in LabVIEW & C, utilise your mathematics skills to solve complex software problems, provide field support to customers testing your prototype devices, setup and test project specific hardware during prototyping, work with the electrical engineers and industrial designers to create fully functional designs, create clear and simple user interfaces, give video based progress updates to customers daily, and shoot training videos to explain to your Production teammates how to assemble and test your designs.

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