Be Practical
Be Scientific
Create Something New

We create electronics, software and hardware to solve some of the most challenging problems in mining and agriculture.

The Problem

The world is changing, developing hybrid software and hardware systems is necessary to stay relevant.


Hardware is

Hardware development is a slow waterfall-like process with testing often only possible after parts have been produced


Software is

Software that is being developed for yet-to-be-proven hardware is like trying to shoot and arrow at a moving target



The combine challenges result in hardware and software projects being the most likely to fail

Customer Journey


The What

A structured, collaborative & enjoyable development pathway to create new software and hardware-based technology.


Focused only on what matter. Identify upcoming challenges. Able to predict costs.

The Why

To help experts with significant practical experience create new technical solutions to problems that matter.

The Outcome

A new piece of profitable technology developed with the minimum amount of time and cost.

Is This For Me?

Determine if we are the best match to solve your problem.

Phone conversation with senior Robotic Systems team member.

Go/no-go for continuing the process.

Follow instructions below to get started.

Guidance Workshop

Four hour face to face workshop (your site or ours).

Efficiently align all team members understanding on what problem is being solved and why.

Create a lowest cost & risk project plan to a profitable outcome.

Fixed price quote provided by Robotic Systems to complete the Detailed Design Pack.

Detail Design Pack

All the detail required to build a functional prototype & a lowest-cost/risk project plan to get there.

Easy to understand technical design formats & software interfaces.

Bill of materials & accurately estimated final system hardware costs.

Make It Happen

Rubber hits the road! Turn assumptions into facts and concepts into products.

Design + create + demonstrate software, electronics and hardware.

Generate Interlectual Property (IP).

Demonstrable and measurable progress at all times.

Prototype launch!

Ongoing Support

4 Months warranty on all projects after completion

Training packages for your team of any size.

Managed support service options.

Fixed price one-off repairs.

Design Replication

Globally competitive fixed price batched production.

No minimum replication batch size

Customer facing online tracking of production status.

Flexible lean methodology based production cells

Flexible scaling options for any batch size.

Intellectual Property

The What

Ownership of intellectual property (IP) resides with the party that brought it to the project.

On full payment of this project, Robotic Systems does not claim ownership of any intellectual property developed.

The Why

It’s your idea, you pay us to make it. It’s your IP.

The Outcomes

Tech doc packs with all schematics, source code & original supplier invoices delivered at the end of each step.


The What

Working along side your technical and management team.

Live online and in person overview of all technical activities.

The Why

Collaboration of multiskilled technical experts is the most efficient way to achieve a profitable outcomes.

The Outcomes

Clear and measurable development progress without scheduled meetings

Efficiently communicate critical subject matter expertise between all team members during development.

Tools & Resources

The What

Live online progress tracking

Standardised checklists templates and check lists.

Established key technology supplier

The Why

Leverage proven processes and supply chains to accelerate the path to a profitiable outcome.

The Outcomes

Access to the information you need 24/7.

Easy to understand sequence of actions and explanations at each step.

Minimised supply chain risk.


The What

Fixed price outcomes every step of the process.

Globally competitive and open book pricing on all hardware.

The Why

Transparent and easy to understand pricing that builds trust from day one.

The Outcomes

Online bills of materials with fixed mark-ups displayed and original purchase price.

Capability & Capacity

The What

Electronics design, manufacture & integration

Mechanical part design and manufacture.

Software design, testing and integration.

Flexible production line facilities.

The Why

Get new electronics, hardware and software technology to market with the lowest cost / time / risk.

The Outcomes

Globally competitive pricing with Australian made quality.

Easy to work with local development team.

Practical and scientific approach development and production

Want your project finished on time with a predictable budget?

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A Decade Of Success Stories

Mobile Explosives Mixing unit

Development of a user interface and control system for a truck mounted bulk explosives delivery system.

Australian Army Base Facility Upgrade

$1.5M test system to perform automated board level diagnosis of the top 20 most commonly repaired Australian Army radio sets.

CSIRO Airborne Methane Logger

Development of a lightweight, drone-mounted methane gas analyser & ground station data visualiser.

Our Story

Robotic Systems is a complete systems integration engineering firm servicing a diverse range of clients across the commercial and research sectors.

Now with eight full-time team members, we work with industry, government and startups to accelerate the development of projects that combine hardware and software.

Since 2012 we have accelerated over 30 projects and count some of Australia's most advanced companies and research organisations as our repeat customers.