Design and Manufacture of AI Enabled Industrial Products

End to End Design & Manufacture

For more than a decade we have developed a unique design process that is able to turn your business case into an AI powered minimum viable hardware product, within 4 months. Once design is complete you can leverage our manufacturing department that exports and supports products in over 9 countries.

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AI Development Newcastle

AI Development

Electronics Engineering Newcastle

Electronics Engineering

Firmware Development Newcastle

Firmware Development

Industrial Design Newcastle

Industrial Design

Manufacturing Newcastle


EMI Pre-Compliance Newcastle

EMI Pre-Compliance

AI Capabilities

Signal AI
Vision AI
Spatial AI
Edge Deployment
Labelling and models

What our customers say

"Clearly they have got a very innovative process that they have put in place that allows them to turn around prototype manufacture after the design, very fast. We’re very happy with the outcome of this, its given us exactly what the market requires."

Testimonial for Robotic Systems by AmberTech
Ross Caston - General Manager

"From the very beginning Robotic Systems has shown that they are very thorough and that they have a lot of planning going into their systems. They had really thought through what needed to be done."

Testimonial for Robotic Systems by GreaseBoss
Tim Hall - Chief Executive Officer

"Robotic Systems came forward with a proposal that really brought something quite unique and an aspect of technology that we had not considered which met all of the criteria that we were after."

Testimonial for Robotic Systems by DSI Underground
David Evans - Business Development and Strategic Projects Manager

"They were providing us instant feedback from their own experiences on how they could help us improve not only our design but also help us improve the ease of putting the system together and ongoing maintenance."

Testimonial for Robotic Systems by 4Tel
Mark Wood - Chief Technology Officer

"Robotic Systems has addressed the entire lifecycle, it means we can go and do what we are good at, what we have a passion for and we can rely on these guys to take care of the stuff that is important to our success."

Testimonial for Robotic Systems by Braincubator
Richard Bergmann - Managing Director

"The thing that stood out to me about Robotic Systems was their processes, the structure that they have to it and their ability to integrate new aspects of a process. If something in the design changes they can easily modify their process and ensure nothing is missed when our products are being assembled."

Testimonial for Robotic Systems by Safe-Gauge
Dan Hawkings - Product Designer

"Because they are handling that full picture, they always had productisation in the forefront of the product design and that's a really important thing… it was great to see them always bringing back their design philosophy to that end goal."

Testimonial for Robotic Systems by Nextcore Design
Tom Simmons - Hardware Engineering Manager

Deploying Worldwide